what spoke the silence of lead?

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You know all this talk about blackrom is making me realize my greatest petpeeve is when people write kismesissitude around a love triangle.

Which is probably why it’s so hard for me to find EriSol blackrom fics that I actually enjoy, since nearly everyone just has to shoehorn in at least a passing mention of Eridan hating Sollux because he’s friends/matesprits/moirails/what-have-you with Feferi. Ignoring the fact that usually Feferi just ends up being an accessory to the ship anyway - twitch - there’s plenty of reasons for them to hate each other without having to drag Fef into it like some sort of token trophy shit.

But I digress,

Does anyone have recs for blackrom fics where the characters hate each other for each other and not for some weirdly misplaced cross-quadrant feels? Any ship, any characters. I ship pretty much everything.

I just want healthy blackrom fic.

/lays in a puddle of blackrom feels